Holistic Women's Health™ Certification Program

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About The Program

The certification is a one year program that is designed to give you all the analysis formulation and coaching skills to start your own Holistic Women's Health practice

Taught by internationally recognized herbalist and holistic women's health practitioner Adrienne Irizarry and guest lecturers

The Commitment

Plan on 4-6 hours of work, around your schedule.

Live classes meet on a 3 week on, 1 week off basis.

The Structure

Hybrid online format of pre-recorded and live virtual sessions with replays available

Expect To Learn:

  • Stages of a woman's life from a Chinese medicine perspective and how to support their unique needs

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Basics

  • Identify and address the root cause of disharmony

  • Best food and lifestyle practices for each disharmony

  • Healing considerations for female sexuality from a physical, emotional and spiritual lens

  • Energy, sound and meditation practices to use in session as well as teach as tools for your clients

  • Critical thinking skills to individualize plans and coach clients

  • Business start up skills for your thriving coaching practice

Pay in full: $8000 (the deepest discount)


Sign up in July and pay

10 Monthly Installments of $826.50

Sign up now before the early bird discount ends!

(The earlier you sign up, the lower the monthly installments)

Meet Adrienne Irizarry

Adrienne Irizarry, HWH is an eastern medicine practitioner using non-invasive approaches to restoring harmony and health in women's bodies.

She uses her expertise in pelvic steaming, Acutonics® sound healing, herbalism and Chinese nutritional therapy to educate and empower women to heal their bodies naturally.

Offering period solutions for a symptom free life.

Adrienne was featured as a Top 10 Health Industry Disruptor in Apple News and Grit Daily for 2023.

Learning the phases of your cycle and the strengths we possess at each of these phases changes our experience with our life from surviving to thriving.

Learn how to care for your body as its needs begin to change to ease your transition through perimenopause and have a transition you never believed was possible.

Hear what our graduates have to say about their experience in this program!

"I signed up for the Holistic Women’s Health Program after having personally worked with Adrienne to support my own health. I have learned so much through this program, and really appreciate learning about women’s health through a Chinese Medicine lens. Adrienne really provides a multitude of tools to support women in their health journey. 

The structure and timing of the program has fit really well into my very full life. I am so grateful that Adrienne has taken the time to make sure that I really understand everything that is being taught. Her passion for elevating the field of women’s health really shines in this program, and I’ve felt very held and supported since the beginning. 

For anyone who is wanting to do meaningful work and really support women to make changes in their health, I highly recommend this program."